These are some of the most common questions that parents ask us about Margaret Ives. If you have any further queries, please email our administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Do you have any vacancies? 

- We are usually well-booked. As vacancies arise they are filled from the waiting list according to the Government’s priority of access guidelines.

Can I have my child at the centre for one day a week or half day sessions?

 - No, there is a two-day minimum and we only offer full days for child care and preschool

How long is the waiting list?

 - Waiting times vary according to the age of the child and the days available. The majority of our vacancies happen in term one of each year due to the one school intake per year.

Are the staff qualified?

 - All staff have or are working towards professional qualifications as outlined in our staff profile. There are at least three qualified educators in each room and two early childhood teachers in the Preschool. All permanent educators hold current First Aid certificates and all staff participate in regular professional development opportunities.

What are your opening hours?

 - Childcare sessions
 - 7.30am-6.00pm Monday - Friday

 - Preschool sessions (during school terms)
 - 8.30am-4pm - the 15 hour preschool entitlement is offered over 2 days
We are closed on public holidays and for about seven days over Christmas/New Year.

What are the adult-child ratios?

 - The Centre is staffed above National Quality Standards. The ratios are usually 1:3.2 in the Baby room, 1:5 in Toddlers, and 1:8 in the Preschool. Margaret Ives' ratios exceed the minimum standards and are amongst the highest in the State.

What are the Centre fees and how do Government subsidies apply?

 - Refer to the Centre Fees Policy for current charges. Details of the Childcare Benefit and Childcare Cash Rebate are available from Centrelink and the Australian Tax Office.

Is the Centre privately owned?

 - No. We are an incorporated, community-based, not-for-profit organisation managed by a Board of parents and staff representatives.

What do parents have to provide?

 - Apart from a piece of fruit each day (Preschool children are required to bring in two pieces of fruit or vegetable) and a change of clothes, the Centre provides all requirements such as nutritious meals and snacks; and disposable nappies. Parents need to provide bottles if required - either expressed milk or formula. If a child has a special comforter, this is welcomed.

Is the Centre accredited?

 - In May 2015 we were reviewed under the National Quality Standards and were very pleased to receive the "Exceeding National Quality Standard" in all seven Quality Areas. Our staff are always happy to discuss the standards with parents, but for further information, visit the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority's website - www.acecqa.gov.au.

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