Our Centre is funded through fees paid by parents and Government grants.

There is a daily fee charged weekly. We have a 2 day minimum policy and only provide full day care.

Families can apply for the Childcare Subsidy (CCS) to be deducted from their childcare and preschool fees.

Please contact us for a copy of our fee policy

New child care fees from 1/7/19: Daily: $110.00

New preschool fees from 28/1/20: Daily: $67.00

There is a $40 enrolment fee per family. This is a once off fee and your child will be provided with a hat. Jacaranda children will be provided with a wet bag and Coral room children will be provided with a library bag.

Parent Handbook

This booklet provides parents with general information about our Centre’s philosophy and objectives, education and care programs, details on Centre management and our policies.

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