Our Vision

Margaret Ives Community Children's Centre constantly strives for excellence in early childhood care and education.

Margaret Ives welcomes all families, from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The Centre promotes an understanding of diversity and an enriched and welcoming environment free from prejudice and discrimination. We encourage and support links within the community and foster connections between children and families.

We value each unique individual in our care. We respect their right to be safe, happy, secure and to feel a sense of belonging, with their family and cultural values embraced. We believe children learn best through a play-based curriculum that stems from reflective dialogue. All children are entitled to programs that foster independence, self-esteem and responsibility for themselves, others and the environment. We support individual child needs and interests, creating opportunities for children to develop to their full potential. Our children benefit from parents and educators working in partnership to provide supportive, secure, relationship-based learning environments.





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