Margaret Ives Community Children’s Centre offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on The Early Years Framework (EYLF) which focuses on the individual child's strengths, interests and needs.

The Early Years Framework is a national curriculum framework which is a tool used to help educators achieve the best learning and developmental outcomes for children. It has a strong emphasis on play based learning, as play is believed to be the best vehicle for young children's learning and provides the most stimuli for brain development.

As a priority, we believe feeling safe and secure is essential in the foundation of children's learning and wellbeing in the Centre environment. We aim to develop strong relationships with the children and their families, which is why a vital part of our approach is building strong attachments with children through a Primary Carer. Our programs are respectful and embrace the inclusion of diversity, including culture, gender and additional needs.

The Primary Carer program at the Centre means one caregiver assumes responsibility for a child’s care and routines. The use of primary caregivers ensures the children, families and staff have an opportunity to form a special relationship that fosters close communication and shared understanding. Primary caregiving is not exclusive caregiving. All staff work as a team to ensure positive experiences for both the child and the family. We work in partnership with you to provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment for your child.

As a staff team, we believe secure, nurturing relationships with caring adults enable children to build strong attachments, the foundation for all future learning. For more information please see our blog post.

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