Menus and Nutrition

The Centre is responsible for providing a safe, healthy, caring and nurturing environment. As well as providing adequate nutrition, we promote and encourage the establishment of good food habits early in life. Well-nourished and active children are more likely to be alert, vigorous and happy. Their general good health helps them have happier relationships with other children and with their families. Fostering healthy eating habits and activity patterns in childhood can reduce the prevalence of lifestyle diseases. Eating with other children helps promote self-reliance and social skills and encourages an interest in a variety of foods.

Our menus have been prepared by our qualified Chef, Crisy, and cover a wide variety of cuisines and food groups and we have a rotating four-week schedule of menus. Download a sample menu now.

When planning children’s nutrition and creating menus we take the following into consideration:

A nutritious menu that provides at least half of a child's daily food and nutrition needs for key nutrients, and promotes good health

All staff trained in food hygiene, with food safety practices in place

An eating environment that is safe, positive and supports healthy eating for children, and

A comprehensive Food and Nutrition policy.

Click here to view a sample of our spring/summer menu.

Click here to view a sample of our autum/winter menu.

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