Tuesday, 16 January 2018 23:39

Let the Readings Begin!

Reflective conversation starters Reflective conversation starters Images of the Pedagogy+ (2017) articles

As new and existing children start their 2018 Margaret Ives journey, new staff/child/room dynamics begin to unfold in our Jacaranda, Bottlebrush and Coral Rooms. It is important that while we focus on developing secure attachments and trusting bonds with these children that we continue to question our curriculum decisions and what child rights look like in all our rooms. To kick things off this year each room was given a reading from the first issue of Pedagogy Plus magazine, to discuss in their first group programming session. The selected articles relate to each room’s current learning environment, and were chosen to challenge thinking and start conversations. All teams were asked the same reflective questions after their readings, enabling them to view their environments from a child perspective, empowering them through the celebration of their own teaching strengths, providing opportunities to identify any individual or room challenges and establish realistic pathways to move forward with their own room philosophy/pedagogy.

Interestingly in the two discussions that have already occurred the word TIME was mentioned as both positive and negative, linking directly back to the broader project our rooms will be exploring this year.


Articles used for team reflections, sourced from Pedagogy Plus (2017):
In Their Skin: Curriculum with Babies- Pam Winter
Are we too interested in children’s interests? - Liam McNicholas
Children, technolgy and media- What does a healthy media use look like?- Kate Highfield

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