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Inspiration and Positivity

An important aspect of my educational leadership role is to motivate others with a strength-based view. One way to keep me focused on the positives is to remind myself just what it is about the individuals in our staff team that inspires me and share that with them. This is a great way to let people know that you value who they are and helps develop successful relationships. I shared my thoughts about our staff team at our training event last night and have listed their special messages below without names. I would love for you to think about who in our MICCC team inspires you and why, can you work out who my messages were for?.... Why don’t you (our families and staff) leave one of our valued staff members a note and let them know how great they are or write something on our MICCC Facebook page.

? your ability to stand up for what this centre values inspires me to stop, breathe and respond to pressure situations calmly and professionally. You have influenced my own leadership style.

? your adaptability inspires me as you try your best to accommodate the needs of all staff and offer yourself as support in any situation.

? your knowledge of this centre and the families that have come and gone inspires me to plant my roots here and grow with MICCC

? your self realisation has been inspiring, you have really put a lens on yourself this past year and started to move away from the safety of things always being done the same way, making bold choices and trusting your team and children

? your enthusiasm inspires me everyday, i see a true willingness to learn and develop as a genuinely responsive educator.

? your love for children inspires me, you view all your primary children like they are your own babies, loving and nurturing them.

? you are a legend at MICCC, your commitment to this centre and the respect you have for children of all ages inspires me. You really see each child a their own person, as a citizen of the big world and you truly challenge them to support their learning

? the way you have returned to work has been inspirational, motherhood suits you and you have shown me that life can be so much easier when you don’t sweat the small stuff.

? your relaxed nature inspires me, you laugh when things get tough and simply push through to the other side without making a fuss. I wish I could stress less and take more of that on board.

? your willingness to open up and share inspires me, you value trust and in return gain respect for that. I hope to learn more about your bubbly personality.

? your passion to become the best educator you can be inspires me. You build authentic relationships with families and see knowledge as a real asset to your practice. You have such a good heart.

? you continue to inspire me more and more as you push past your own boundaries and take on new challenges and roles at MICCC. You have a truly caring nature and advocate for children every day.

? working with you in the Bottlebrush Room was so inspiring and shaped me into the leader I am today. Your passion and concern for others’ wellbeing and your dedication to reflective dialogue in all aspects is truly inspirational. You even hugged me without me flinching!

? your list writing inspires me but more importantly your ability to recognise the efforts of others and praise them for it is an admirable quality.

? you seem to walk to the beat of your own drum and take things in your stride, a quality that inspires me each day as nothing ever seems too much or too stressful for you.

? your commitment and loyalty inspires me, you have developed true bonds and respectful relationships with all staff at this centre and your kind and caring nature is so refreshing.

? your optimism inspires me everyday, you always have a spring in your step, a song in voice and can see the best in every child, family and staff member. Your passion for teaching truly shines through and keeps me wanting to teach.

? your enthusiasm for life inspires me and even your oversharing because you show real faith and trust in others, something I could really learn from.

? your willingness to grow and learn inspires me, you have found your passion in the Coral Room and it is a pleasure to work with you and your creative mind.

? your powers of perception inspire me, you can always tell when there is something going on in my life and in the lives of children, families and staff. You are a true nurturer.

? your passion for children and people in general inspires me every day, I see it in your relationships with children, families and staff and your genuine concern for others’ wellbeing.

? you are a truly valued inspiration, often the first person I see each morning you show a passion for helping and celebrating others. I feel I could tell you anything and you would be able to help me problem solve and laugh about it.

? your understanding of who you are inspires me, you work enough to get through life without selling yourself to a job and your work life balance is something I aspire to have one day.

? your inquisitive nature inspires me, you are always asking questions or wanting to engage in reflective dialogue in the staff room.

? your passion for sustainability and our world is so inspiring and makes me strive to be a better human.



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