Wednesday, 05 September 2018 06:06

Learning Styles

Recently I presented a reading to our Coral Room team for reflection and it evoked such an emotionally connected response I wanted to share it with our wider community. The reading link below will lead you to the website of renowned child psychologist Dr Louise Porter (2018), the reading itself is about learning styles and how they present. As educators we understand that children are unique individuals who will respond to experiences in different ways and process information differently. To be able to best support children, educators must work with children and families to identify what interests them and how to best scaffold their learning in ways that challenges each child’s thinking, using their own individual strengths. What resonated with our educators when reading this piece was the realisation for some that their own education or the education of their own family could have been so different had they/or their teachers known the difference between sequential and holistic learning. It started more conversations and reflections about the different behaviours we see in children and ways in which we can ensure that no children are disadvantage by experiences in our Coral Room. A lot of our teaching practices are accompanied by visuals and instruction simultaneously however we are more aware now as a team about children who may see things as a bigger picture and not notice the finer details. We are who we are and as educators we must teach to individual child strengths because every child is capable and competent in their own ways. Enjoy the read and think about what type of learner you are and what type of learning style best relates to your child...


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