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AUGUST/SEPTEMBER Professional Development Report

Another quick update about the professional development our staff have been engaging in lately... We love being able to share our new knowledge and experiences with the MICCC children and families and are excited that five of our staff members are heading off to Sydney next week to the Early Childhood Australia conference. 

‘Safe sleeping’ 

Presenter:  SIDS

MICCC staff:  Rochelle, Anne, Sarah B, Sarah R, Jo, Kasha, Shelly & Mia

Our educators have a regulatory duty to promote SIDS practices. Understanding these practices and maintaining safety checks on cots, sheets, bedding and clothing reduces the incidences of SIDS. If you would like any information on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome practices please visit or ask Jacaranda staff.


‘Building resilience and wellbeing in young children’ 

Presenter:  Tracey - Semann & Slattery

MICCC staff:  Sarah B

It is important for us to continue to focus on prenatal and infant mental health / wellbeing and document moments of kindness, pride and success.... This may reduce the need for intervention with anxious four year olds later on. As educators we can provide environments that can promote resilience and role model the language and actions to support this. In regards to families it is important for us to continue building strong and trusting relationships and know our focus on wellbeing and developing soft skills is more important than an academic focus.


‘Educational Leader e-course’ 

Presenter:  Inspired EC

MICCC staff:  Ollie

An educational leader cares for and mentors all staff, just like we do with the children in our care I need to know how each educator learns best, their strengths, interests, needs and wellbeing. Likewise I need to be self aware and know my role and my own strengths too. Reflection was again the buzz word and building and maintaining a culture of embedded reflection continues to be an important focus.


‘Positive behaviour strategies’ 

Presenter:  Donna & Cecelia - Gowrie

MICCC staff:  Jo, Claire, Bianca & Ollie

Respect goes both ways, as educators we need to respect that children are using their behaviour to communicate with us. There is never a time for punishment and shame, it is our job to equip these children with the tools they need, like language and awareness to make connections with the feelings behind their behaviours and role model appropriate language and strategies for self-regulation. It is extremely important to try and view things from the child’s perspective and not let our own beliefs and values sway our view of the child. An interesting activity is to write the behaviour above the line and then list all the possible feelings you think may be existing for that child below the line and see what you come up with.


‘Using stories to build social skills’ 

Presenter: Gowrie

MICCC staff:  Jo, Claire, Bianca & Ollie

Social stories are opportunities to promote the development of language, listening, confidence and empathy. This is where we create and make stories with the children to explore feelings and the expectations of behaviour and language that go with them in certain settings. Social stories support connections to self-care, self-regulation, positive interactions and resilience and are especially great for children on the Autism spectrum and children aged 3-4 years.


‘What’s the buzz?’ 

Presenter:  Mark LeMessurier

MICCC staff:  Jo, Claire, Bianca & Ollie

What an inspiring presentation about how our environments can improve a child’s social and emotional literacy, their positive relationships and positive psychology. As educators we need to support children in their development of soft skills like; communication, team work, problem solving, leadership and a strong work ethic. It is important that we label these soft skills for children when they are displaying them to build their self-confidence. Role modelling respectful interactions like turn taking, eye contact, active listening, body language, attention, empathy and confidence is really important to help children develop their own understanding.


‘Practice is embedded’ 

Presenter:  Steven Cameron & Catherine Honeychurch - Twilight session 3

MICCC staff:  Sammy, Ollie, Tatum & Kate

This session opened with an interesting fact, that more preschools are getting meeting over exceeding in their accreditation processes. As a centre that is in the exceeding category we explored ideas of high quality, discussing how it closely relates to consistency, what that looks like in our centre and how that then can become embedded practice.



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