Monday, 10 December 2018 01:46

The Year’s End

Looking forward to an new year ahead. Looking forward to an new year ahead. Ollie Lauder

In the final month of 2018 we reflect on the monumental year that has passed and start to imagine and see the huge potential for the new year ahead. In 2019 we are wanting to further consolidate our leadership and governance as we move away from team leader roles and embrace the effectiveness of our 10 Pofessional Learning Communities (PLC’S) that link to the 7 quality areas of the National Quality Standards. The PLCs are comprised of enthusiastic parents with interests or expertise in each area, interested educators from each room and our leadership team. They meet regularly to reflect, challenge thinking, acknowledge successes and inspire change, then they feed back into our team reflective dialogue sessions and our whole centre reflections through their educator representative.

As educational leader I will continue to mentor and inspire our wonderful educators. To start the year off I will be focusing my attention on ‘greetings’ looking at the language we use with our children, families and community over the phone and on arrival at MICCC. This will include exploring gender bias and exploring ways to further embed inclusion. Dont be surprised if you hear us answering phones and greeting families with a common Kaurna phrase that we use with the children “Niina Marni” meaning “Hi, how are you?”

I will also be using the wellbeing scale from the respect, reflect, relate document as an observation tool in all rooms. This is to start conversations with teams about their children’s needs and our responsiveness. As a centre our educators have all been exposed to the KidsMatter framework which has now joined with Beyond Blue to create a new National framework ‘Be You’. Be You is now part of our team reflection agendas for 2019 and conversations will be facilitated by the wellbeing PLC representatives in each room who have engaged in Be You training.

There is also a new aspect I’m taking on at MICCC in 2019, an atelierista role. My background is in visual arts and I was a graphic designer for 9 years before volunteering at MICCC ten years ago, my passion for art and aesthetics is part of everyday life. The atelierista role will see me sourcing materials to support projects across all rooms and regularly entering rooms to engage in experiences that support the 100 languages. This role is about exposing children to a range of art materials, processes and devices in an holistic manner. I will be providing opportunities for children to experiment with different modes of communication and to build sensory connections. It is a process of reflection and documentation too, leading to concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics as children’s brains are processing and hypothesising the how? and why?... Watch this space.

I am so proud of our whole staff team for their amazing passion and work ethic in 2018. At MICCC each child is celebrated as the glorious individual they are and our family involvement has been next level. Thank you so much to all of the families who have come in with stories and songs for our children (in many different languages), who cooked with our children or shared their occupations, cultures and talents with us, you are all amazing! I am so grateful that my own child is learning in our wonderful MICCC environment with the support of our fabulous community and educators. 

I hope everyone has a safe holiday break, see you in 2019.


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