Friday, 14 June 2019 04:29

Noticing The Best In Everyone

At Margaret Ives we focus on the strengths of everyone in our community; families, children and staff. It is so easy to overwhelmed by the negative things happening around you in life and at work but it is so important to refocus and remember what makes you special and remind yourself of the great strengths in the people around you. 

Over the last month I created an interactive display on our staffroom whiteboard with photos of all our permanent and relief MICCC staff and lots of magnets with strength-based words. The idea of the game was to encourage staff to put two words under each staff member, which is quite tricky when there are so many words to choose from. The conversations that unfolded in the staffroom were so amazing as people were identifying and justifying the greatness of those they work with. Whenever the board was full I took a photo and reset it, then new strength identification conversations began with different staff. It has been one of my favourite interactive experiences and really lifted people to view themselves through the eyes of others and realise they have more strengths than they may have thought.

I collated all of the data and any words that were repeated for someone are underlined so they know that is a strength that is seen by many. Have a read through the lists, if you have any strength words you want to add to anyone (I’m sure staff would love to read them) please comment on our MICCC Facebook post.


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